Ornamental plants in Los Tarrales

Los Tarrales produces a varity of ornamental plants. Two of our best-sellers are ponytail (Beaucarnea sp.) and giant yucca (Yucca elephantipes). During a guided tour through our plantation you can also admire several varieties of heliconias, anthuriums, palms, gingers, bromeliads and others.

Los Tarrales Ornamentals Tours are led by our specialized guides and last 2-3 hours. Tours can be led in English and Spanish.

Ponytail Beaucarnea sp.
Ponytail (Beaucarnea sp.) at different ages ready to ship.

Our ornamental fields are located in the lower part of Los Tarrales, at the elevation of about 750 m (2460 ft). Heliconia, ginger and anthurium are the main blooming plants of our production. About 1000 species of Anthurium are known in Latin America. Most of the species occur as epiphytic plants in tropical South America. In Tarrales we cultivate 21 varieties.

Giant Yucca, Yucca elephantipes
Giant yucca (Yucca elephantipes) plantation under a palo blanco reforestation.

Most of the Heliconia species grown in Los Tarrales have their origin in Hawaii, South and Central America, including Guatemala. The Heliconia plantations are especially attractive to hummingbirds, because these flowers produce large amounts of nectar. Four species are regularly seen at these flowers.

Ginger in Los Tarrales

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