Hiking in Los Tarrales

Los Tarrales has an extensive network of trails, which invite to safe and easy to challenging hikes. Total length of all trails is more than 25 km (16 miles), ranging in altitude from 750 to 2500 m (2450 - 8200 ft).

Trails lead through shade coffee plantations, rain forest, oak forest, and above 1600 m through cloud forest. A two track drive way provides easy hiking from 750 to 1400 m (2450 - 5000 ft).

Enjoy the beautiful landscape of Los Tarrales with views over forested foothills and the majestic cone of Atitlán volcano. Several points along the trails allow views to Fuego and Acatenango volcanoes, which is most spectacular in clear nights and when Fuego volcano is active and erupting glowing lava.

Los Tarrales Hiking Tours are led by our specialized guides and last 2-3 hours. Tours can be led in English and Spanish.

Los Tarrales

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