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Steve N. G. Howell, author of A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America
Tarrales is great. In my relaxed morning simply birding on trails that led off from the cabins I found over 100 species of birds, including five species of parrots, three motmots, White-bellied Chachalaca, Highland Guan, Long-tailed Manakin, Rufous Sabrewing, and Prevost's Ground-Sparrow. I can't wait to get back and spend more time in such a birdy and hospitable setting.
March 2008

Ian Robinson and J. Scott, RSPB, UK
Bottom line: superb place, superb food and hospitality, and superb guide Josué.
March 2015

Trent Miller, Austin, TX, USA
Fantastic! Food was wonderful. Can't say enough about Josué. What a guy, a world-class birder.
December 2014

Randy Wood, Vancouver, Canada
Thank you everyone for a truly wonderful experience. The service, hospitality, food, and surroundings are first rate. I especially want to thank my birding guide Josué for adding to the quality of my experience. It was a pleasure to hike with him and find so many great birds. His knowledge and warmth are an asset to Los Tarrales. This is a truly authentic travel experience and I hope more people get to share it. Thank you so much!
November 2014

Jack Stephens, USA
I had a wonderful four days in Los Tarrales with Josué, Aaron, and Claudia from Cayaya Birding. This is a very special patch, highly recommended!
November 2014

Christine, Julie, and Jen, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, USA
Great day! We saw some very cool birds. The guide was so knowledgeable about birds, reptiles, and the coffee making process. So much fun!
October 2014

Fred Cooke, USA
A perfect birding experience. Josué was the ideal guide, good at finding birds and making them easy for me to see.
July 2014

Julie Morgan, Boise, ID, USA
Los Tarrales is such a gem. I had a wonderful time exploring the reserve with Josué. This is such a paradise. Amazing birds and so much beauty. Lorenza's cooking was delicious, and she happily catered to my vegetarian diet.
June 2014

Naomi and Mary, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
We loved birdwatching with Josué. Since I love coffee so much, it was interesting to see the process it takes to produce it. Thank you so much!
April 2014

Catherine Sheehan, Lake Forest, IL, USA
This place is a true gem and a must-see for a trip to Guatemala. Loved Aaron's company, humor, and his amazing skills.
March 2014

Gail Emerich, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Aaron has Superman eyes! What a great guide ... very kind, very thorough! Love it here!
March 2014

Karen Hopf, Colorado, USA
Great place! Great people! Meals were delicious. Birds are wonderful. Thank you!
March 2014

We totally enjoyed our morning with Léster. Beautiful birds, wonderful place.
May 2014

Andrea and Mary Ann, USA
We had great luck on today's birding walk! Aaron was a good guide and his expert eyes did not fail us. Beautiful place and next time we'll spend a few days relaxing.
February 2014

Suze and Johnny, Seattle, WA, USA
We enjoyed our visit overnight and Aaron was a terrific guide. The language barrier was no problem, as his English works just fine.
February 2014

Lin Lowe and Deborah L., Tampa, FL, USA
An excellent morning spent with Josué who was very friendly and professional, spotting birds and scoping them for us. We had a great time and hope to return.
February 2014

Melannie and Mike, Boulder, CO, USA
We enjoyed our time in Los Tarrales! We thank you for the wonderful food and hospitality. We especially enjoyed watching birds on the nature trails and our coffee tour. This is our first trip to Guatemala and we thank you for helping to make it wonderful for us.
December 2013

Paul and Mariann B., Minnesota and Washington D.C., USA
We enjoyed three wonderful days here. Josué and Aaron are two terrific guides as they know where to look for each species. They are very friendly and extremely patient, working hard to find each bird. Doña Lorenza's meals were terrific also. Thank you for this reserve, Andy and Mónica.
July 2013

Mace Hack, Nebraska, USA
What a wonderful spot - excellent birding in the forest, comfortable lodging, delicious food. Many thanks to all for a great couple of days. Aaron was an excellent guide who knew all birds by sound. He was able to show me just about everything I was looking for.
July 2013

Douglas and Martha Maxwell
What an incredible experience: staying in this beautiful place, eating wonderful food, and above all, spotting and identifying birds with Josué. He is an excellent birdman and teacher!
April 2013

Clive and Margaret, Southampton, UK
Thanks to all, especially Josué and Aaron, for all your kindness and expert guidance. We have really appreciated our visit to this outstandingly beautiful place.
March 2013

Geert Beckers, Belgium
Special thanks to Aaron and Lalo. I have rarely met such skillful guides during my travels around the world.
March 2013

Carolina Cameron and Russell Kura, Wisconsin and Costa Rica
We have had a wonderful two nights stay here. We enjoyed the quite ambiance and Josué's expert guiding.
March 2013

Allen, CT, USA
It was a pleasure to experience the tranquility and hospitality of Los Tarrales. Josué is an extraordinary bird expert and a pleasure with whom to go birding.
January 2013

Kevin Sweek and Tommy Timm, Denver, CO, USA
What a beautiful place, like paradise! Thank you so much for preserving this beautiful habitat. Special thanks to Lorenza for the delicious food, and to Josué for his excellent English and his expert knowledge of birds.
December 2012

Adam Riley and the Rockjumper Birding Tours team
Thank you for an incredibly enjoyable and bird-filled stay at Los Tarrales. Everyone helped make our stay memorable and Josué's bird-finding skills are legendary.
November 2012

We loved staying here. Our room was beautiful, the birds were incredible, but the people were best of all. Everyone was so gracious, welcoming and helpful. A very special thanks to Aaron, who was a fantastic guide. The food was delicious, too.
August 2012

Roy Harris
This place is just one of the most peaceful places I have ever spent time at. It is beautiful, cool, and the birds, ah the birds, Josué may be the best bird guide I have ever had. He is kind, clearly loves his, and his patience is unending.
July 2012

Doug Wood, OK, USA
Outstanding! The lodging at Los Tarrales was excellent and the food wonderful. We came here to bird and Los Tarrales delivered everything we wanted and more. Josué was phenomenal with finding birds. A great guide. His brother Aaron was great too. Lalo was very helpful with finding the Horned Guan.
March 2012

Kathy Wilson
Excellent experience with Josué, and overall, very pleasant and authentic. Josué is extremely knowledgeable and has a great eye and ears.
February 2012

Sharon Stevens and Werner Lehwald, Australia
It was an absolute pleasure to be here, ne of our highlights of Guatemala. Josué was a fantastic guide, making excellent effort to show me as many birds as possible. He seemed to be loving what he is doing. All the other staff was very nice and friendly, too.
January 2012

Steve and Cathy Carpenter
It was amazing how many birds we could see standing in one place! Our guide Aaron was invaluable in seeing the birds we would never have noticed.
December 2011

Liz and Bruce, Australia and USA
A phenomenal place to bird. The quality of the guides is outstanding (Josué, Aaron, and Lalo). We thoroughly enjoyed spending our time in the rainforest with Josué. His knowledge, talent and passion are inspiring! It is wonderful to know that such a special place, with such unique species, has dedicated guardians. Also, a big thanks to other behind-the-scenes staff ... food was delicious, rooms were clean and very comfortable. We loved Los Tarrales! Thanks Andy. We will be back.
December 2011

Kathleen Braden, Professor at Seattle Pacific University (Geography)
Los Tarrales is a perfect combination of nature, culture, and Guatemalan history. I enjoyed how much of the machinery and records of the farm are preserved. The care for nature is also admirable. I saw many birds and animals and enjoyed the plants and flowers. Your people are very hospitable.
September 2011

Michael Retter and Alan K., Normal, IL and Seattle, WA, USA
We had a wonderful time here. Josué is a marvelous guide and knows his bird vocalizations extremely well. Lalo was also very good, he got us marvelous views of Horned Guan.
March 2011

Howard and Janet Smith, Houston, Texas, USA
Wonderful couple of days with excellent bird guiding by Josué and Lalo.
March 2011

Jacky D., London
Our local guides - Josué, Everilda, and Aaron - were excellent and we saw many new birds. Please keep up the good work and I wish you many more visitors, you deserve a bigger audience. Many thanks for creating this place.
February 2011

Steve Duffield, South Uist, Scotland
Superb place. Josué is an excellent birder and guide with the patience of a saint. Great birds, fantastic setting - loved it.
October 2010

Ann Oliver, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Two-days stay; fantastic birding with our wonderful guide Josué. Excellent birder. Great trails and helpful benches. Friendly folks. Wonderful food. Beautiful grounds with much to explore.
November 2010

Jim and Becky Carlson, Eugene, OR, USA
Josué and Lalo were great guides.
October 2010

Anne and Jon King, USA and UK
Had an excellent time birding the reserve, including very successful tour with Josué and Lalo for Horned Guan.
August 2010

Barb and Mike McGrenere, Victoria, Canada
We have been at Los Tarrales for three days and have had an excellent visit. Josué has led us on a number of trips and his knowledge of the natural history of the area is exceptional. We are avid birders and Josué has been able to locate and identify many birds for us - most of which are "lifers". Thank you to all the staff for making our visit so enjoyable. Keep up the great work you are doing.
July 2010

Nancy, California, USA
Everilda is an excellent guide. We had a magnificent adventure and saw many birds, butterflies, and plants. Unforgettable!
July 2010

Stanley and Gretchen Jones, Bryan, TX, USA
This is a great eco-lodge with spectacular grounds! The staff and the entire community are very friendly making everyone feel at home and welcomed. The birding is marvelous. Thanks to all.
April 2010

Bill and Denise, Niagara Falls area, Canada
You have done a wonderful job. This place is magnificent.
April 2010

Henning Lege, Freiburg, Germany
Great place! Thanks for conserving it, for showing me its marvelous birds like the Horned Guan, and many thanks for your hospitality
April 2010

Jeff Norris, Portland, Maine, USA
Thank you for the hospitality and continued commitment for the conservation of this wonderful place.
March 2010

Wes Tunnel. Texas
Thank you Andy. What a wonderful piece of Earth. We greatly enjoyed your hospitality, history, and ambiance. We loved the ornamentals trail.
March 2010

Jen Sauter, Rockbridge, OH, USA
Josué is one of the best guides I have encountered. Thank you for the dance of the Long-tailed Manakin and the Turquoise-browed Motmot.
March 2010

Gill, Tony, Jorge, and Sorch, UK and Guatemala
Wonderful tour of the ornamental plants and coffee. Lovely food and a cozy bed. What more could you ask for?
March 2010

Moray and Philip Wharton, E. Yorks, UK
A wonderful place. Great hospitality, excellent food and guiding from Josué and Everilda. We feel we have seen the real Guatemala.
March 2010

Benny and Chuck Fischen, San Francisco
Wonderful two days of birding with Everilda and Josué. The knowledge of each bird by sight and sound was amazing.
February 2010

L. Eidinol, Saint Paul, MN, USA
I enjoyed the food, the room, and especially Josué's bird walk and excellent guiding skills.
February 2010

Patricia B. Tabernash, Colorado
Josué is a wonderful bird guide. He truly knows his birds and their songs. The food was good and graciously served. Enjoyed my stay.
February 2010

We had an excellent time. Aaron did a fantastic job on the tour which exceeded our expectations. And the food: delicious.
February 2010

Tejas and Iain Ewing, Singapore
Great way to spend the New Year ... good food and nice rooms, plus great birds.
January 2010

Uli Bernard, Irvine, CA, USA
I really like the business model of Los Tarrales and Cayaya Birding to integrate agriculture, ecotourism, nature conservation, and science, and I wish you continuing and growing success.
November 2009

Robert Dean, Costa Rica
To Andy and your wonderful staff. Thank you for making us so welcome. Your property and the birds are fantastic. Josué, you are a real treasure. I hope to bird with you again someday - and thanks to Lalo and Aaron for the Horned Guan that made this visit so memorable to me.
October 2009

Jarret Clarke and Diana Ellsworth, USA
We had a wonderful time here - this is an amazing place. The land, plants, animals, and birds were beautiful, and we learned so much on our coffee tour. Also, the food and coffee were delicious.
August 2009

Susie, Clark, Dorothy, and Parker Gregg, Fort Worth (Texas), St. Louis (Missouri), and Nashville (Tennessee), USA
Marvelous bird guiding and coffee tour by Josué. Also very fine breakfast and lunch.
July 2009

Alex Navarro, Richmond, CA, USA
A truly enjoyable place! I'm very impressed with the service, courtesy, and genuine friendliness from all the staff. The main purpose for my visit was birdwatching and I was not disappointed at all.
March 2009

Bob Dawson and Evic Landsy, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA
Saw about 110 species of birds in two days. Josué is a great spotter and teacher and great company as well.
March 2009

Philip and Pauline, Univ. of Alabama
As a pair of traveling birders, we always hope to find a committed local guide who knows the territories, has sharp, well-trained ears, hawk eyes, and the energy to rise early and work hard. In Josué we found all that plus a warm personality and a charming sense of humor - all that plus good food and comfortable lodgings combined for an excellent visit.
March 2009

Jane K. Stoibird, Milpitas, California, USA
What a wonderful birder's paradise. The information about the farm and the local people combined with the owner's, Andy's, interest in conservation, made this visit very special.
February 2009

C. Kammer, Dayton, Ohio, USA
This was the most delightful place to be for a few days! I was here for the birdwatching and Josué was such a competent guide. He is so knowledgeable about the birds, one of the best guides that I know.
February 2009

Campbell, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA
We really enjoyed our stay here. The food was great, comfortable room and friendly people. Aaron was a very good guide o the trails.
February 2009

Jim Cone, Panama
A great place, lots of birds, excellent guides all the time.
February 2009

Jack and Debra Favour, Prescott, Arizona, USA
Lovely visit to paradise.
February 2009

Leynadier and friends, Paris, France
A wonderful tour of this beautiful property. Thanks a lot to Josué for his marvelous explanations, his sense of humor, his knowledge of birds and plants, his amazing sense of observation. He was a great guide.
December 2008

Les Todd, North Carolina, USA
Enjoyed three days of terrific birding. Josué was a patient and wonderful teacher with a great sense of humor.
December 2008

Lynne and Fairbank Carpenter, Chicago
Comidas deliciosas, aves maravillosas y camas comfortables. Que más podemos necesitar?
October 2008

Kerstin and Uwe, Braunschweig, Germany
A beautiful place in the subtropical forest with friendly people. It looks like a paradise but we know that is hard work every day. Very impressive is the production of ornamentals in this near-ecological form, with all the birds, butterflies and other insects in the production fields. We hope that this beautiful island and our guide Josué have a great future.
October 2008

Mark and Cynthia Druckenbrock, Cleveland, Ohio
Nice mid-elevation rainforest. We are of the few visitors here not to see birds. Instead we are studying the abundant butterflies in the area. We saw many Morphos, Heliconius and Eighty-eight butterflies. Thanks for a comfortable stay!
September 2008

Eva Casey and Herman D'Entremont, Massachusetts
We loved this place. The birding, the people, the rooms and the food, and the guides were top.
September 2008

Harrie and Truus Kusters, Holland
Wonderful place to stay: it's a paradise on earth! The trail with the guide was very interesting and he is a very good guide.
August 2008

Rosa Kennedy
What a wonderful relaxing place - a biologist's paradise. Guides who are both knowledgeable and able to explain.
August 2008

Marley from San Francico
My stay here was very relaxing. I enjoyed going on a nature walk with Josué and identifying different species of plants and birds. The bed was very comfortable. It was nice to swing in a hammock on the porch and listen to the rain's thunder. June 2008

Larry Allen, California.
Many many thanks for the hospitality of everyone here at Los Tarrales. The accommodations were very comfortable and the food was excellent.
April 2008

Kathi Ellsworth, California.
What a wonderful time. The staff is friendly and food excellent. Comfortable beds.
April 2008

S. and F. Gilliland, California.
A fabulous place with great birding. The rooms are lovely; beautiful grounds. The food is plentiful and delicious.
April 2008

Leslie Hemming, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
This was a wonderful place to bird! Excellent staff and guides, Josué and Lalo.
April 2008

Bill Crins, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
Excellent facilities and service, excellent birding, too.
April 2008

Doreene Lundt, Gretchen Flute, Bill and Mary Heck, Janet Duerr, and Steve Schafer, OH, USA.
Six avid birders from Ohio had a great visit. The lodge is nice with rooms and living space, too. We so enjoyed the food. Both guides were very good.
March 2008

Mark and Joanie Hubinger, Autrain, MI, USA.
Wonderful hospitality, wonderful scenery, wonderful birding and guide, Josué.
March 2008

Chris Wood, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA.
Thanks so much for the wonderful experience. Andy, Mónica, Josué and the rest of the gang have much to be proud of. Highlights included two Fulvous Owls, Azure-rumped Tanagers and many other wonderful birds. Great food too.
March 2008

Julie Zickefoose, Ohio, USA.
I love this place. Great birds, great botany, great food.
March 2008

Liz Gordon, Delaware, USA.
Fantástico! The work and love that is in place in this amazing lodge is quite inspiring. You have accomplished a blissful setting.
March 2008

Jeff Gordon, Delaware, USA.
Amazing place - amazing people! I was an honor to be welcomed here again, and to be part of this place for at least a few short days. We all hope to return very, very soon.
March 2008

Fran and Will Irvin, Bethesda, MD, USA.
Josué is a very knowledgeable, sharp-eyed, patient teacher. Andy is a gracious host and the kitchen provided an excellent introduction to Guatemalan food. Rooms were airy and comfortable.
February 2008

Bill Doniso, Santa Fe, NM, USA.
What a great spot! Marvelous birding, relaxing accommodations, and tasty food! Thanks to our talented guide Josué and the friendly staff.
February 2008

John and Karen Chipman, Indiana.
Gracias por una aventura bonita. Tuvimos un gran tiempo con nuestro guía Aaron.
January 2008

Ken Berg, UK
A great visit. Lovely tracks, plenty of birds, great meals and a great guide.
January 2008

Peter Maaskant, Holland
We had a really excellent time here. We saw the holy guan! What a bird. The people are extremely friendly and the services are of very high standard. Especially I would like to thank the cook and our three bird guides.
January 2008

David Ward and Mark Derbshaw, Fort Wayne, USA
Great place and birds. Wonderful experience, Josué is top notch guide.
December 2007.

Robert Mertz, MD, USA
A wonderful spot for birding. We had a most enjoyable two days. The food was excellent as was the bird guiding. We hope to return some day to see the Horned Guan.
December 2007

Fred Fiedler, USA
We love the birds, friendly people, and great accommodations. Thank you for setting up this nature preserve. This is important work and will benefit all of us for years to come.
December 2007

Berkley Darr, Richmond, VA, USA
We appreciate the work you are doing and your passion for conservation.

Tom Schall, Padre Island, TX, USA.
A most wonderful visit. I enjoyed the lodging and the food and especially the ambience. This is truly a gem! Josué is a fabulous birding guide and I consider him my friend. He is very talented and an enjoyable companion.
27 October 2007

Anders Kling, Sweden.
A lot of birds (140+ in just two days), very competent guides – Josué and Co., good food, and comfortable lodging. What else could you ask for! Muchas gracias!
22 October 2007

Jeff Gordon, USA
The most impressive ecotourism operation I have seen in my too short stay in Guatemala. February 2007

Frank Gallo, Connecticut, USA.
Thank you for a wonderful stay. I will bring a group as soon as I am able and hope to visit myself-keep Josué going, he's a good guy. Cheers, Frank.
2 October 2006

Dr. John B. Heppner, Florida State Collector of Arthropods, Gainesville, Florida.
Vast fauna of Lepidoptera in the area of Champion's collecting 100 years ago-excellent!
30 September 2006

Greg Johnson, USA.
Great Trip. We saw the Horned Guan and Azure-rumped Tanager. Josué is a great guide. Thanks to Lalo for his assistance in finding the Horned Guan.
20 August 2006

Rick & Brad Brekelbaum, Arkansas, USA.
We had a wonderful time enjoying the finca & birdwatching (got many lifers). The food and hospitality were great and Josué is a first class guide - we enjoyed so much being with him! We hope to return and bring more family.
27 July 2006

Maules & Bakemans, Poulsbo / Seattle Washington, USA.
Well worth the stop - We only wish we had enough time to spend the night.
19 July 2006

Francine Wildenborg, Netherlands.
This was a great experience. Beautiful reserve and great tour. Also the lunch was fabulous! Keep it like this and thank you very much!
1 May 2006

Timothy Barksdale, USA.
Hugo and I arrived on the 11th of April, we began to film with Sony high definition Camera and Fuji 42X lens. 1st day was quiet. Next day, at dawn, Lalo found Horned Guan and later I was able to film two Horned Guans!!!! Azure-rumped Tanager, Long-tailed Manakin, Blue-crowned Motmot, Rufous Sabrewing and more. I'll be back in 2007
17 April 2006

Juliet Petrencs, USA; Sabine Werzinger and Annegret vom Stein, Germany.
These buildings are great, lots of character, great books, decor. Cool bathrooms. Beautiful hikes, lots of birds. My favorite birding in Guatemala. Conchita's cooking muy rico! And finally some good coffee. We came with CAYAYA BIRDING and saw more than 100 birds in one day. Muy feliz!
11 December 2005

Kim Anderson and Alan van Norman, Bismarck, North Dakota.
Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality. We had a wonderful time birding! This is truly a paradise! Good food, and very friendly people. We will never forget you.
9 November 2005

Andy Sninsky and Inge Holecek, Monteverde, Costa Rica.
We had a terrific time birding on your finca. We will be writing it up in the paper as well as talking to our friends in Monteverde. Your food is tops and your birds are friendly. Keep in mind bird feeding boards and hummingbird feeders. We hope to see you in the future.
9 November 2005

Dr. and Mrs. Ingersoll III, Rhode Island, USA.
Most friendly and gracious hosts. Fantastic nature observations serve to please all levels of study. Comfortable accommodations and delightful cuisine. We hope to return soon. Muchas gracias.
30 October 2005

Cynthia Ryan, USA.
Had a wonderful stay - too short. Great birding - saw over 32 species in an afternoon and morning walk. Josué was a wonderful guide. Lots of fun to be with. Lovely service - peaceful place to be - thank you very much!
29 July 2005

Tom Jenner, England.
I had a great morning birdwatching with Ismael. We saw 67 species in only a few hours. I look forward to coming back.

Linda Vis, Netherlands.
Para mi la reserva es un lugar inolvidable, el "lodge" es muy comodo, fresco, buenas camas, muy limpio=perfecto! Tengo muy buenos recuerdos y regresaré! Hasta la proxima! Linda

Nicole Balloffet, Washington D.C., USA.
Thanks so much for showing us your beautiful reserve!! This is a beautiful place! The conservation, food and lodging were wonderful. Saludos, Nicole ballofet

Habacuc Ychante, Mexico
Entre varias opciones seguí una corazonada la cual consistía en conocer "Los Tarrales", fue una atinada elección venir aqui y conocer este hermosisimo lugar donde la Biodiversidad se hace posible con sus especies y animales y vegetales. Los senderos son accesibles y se puede observar mariposas, aves, reptiles, y capricoos de la naturaleza! Buena Suerte Habacuc

Daniela Diamente, Guatemala.
Casi es mi segunda casa aqui, y sigo llegando por lo precioso que es y por la gente tan amable que vive en Los Tarrales, Gracias

Barbara Chaves, USA.
This experience was beyond our expectations. We loved the exposure to village life on the plantation and the lodge and meals were terrific. Claudia (from CAYAYA BIRDING) provided us with a birding tour that was rich in diversity and experience. We loved her warmth and sense of humor and wonderfully creative expression. We will highly recommend this to friends and other birding enthusiasts in the USA!


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