Butterfly watching in Los Tarrales

Butterflies pertain to the most obvious diurnal insects. The ease of watching them, and dedicated books for identifying diurnal butterflies in the field has brought many bird watchers into watching butterflies.

Common Morpho (Morpho helenor) is commonly seen in low and mid altitudes forest of Los Tarrales.

Los Tarrales nature guide Josué de León Lux is not just an expert on the birds of Los Tarrales, he also dedicates time in observing, photographing, and identifying the butterflies of Los Tarrales. He knows the best spots in the reserve for seeing great diversity of butterflies.

Los Tarrales Butterfly Tours can be led in English and Spanish.

More than 270 butterfly species have been recorded in Los Tarrales. Some of them are presented in the following photo gallery of diurnal butterflies:

Swallowtails (Papilionidae)

Androgeus Swallowtail Papilio androgeu Black-Swallowtail Papilio polyxenes Giant Swallowtail Papilio cresphontes Polydamas Swallowtail Battus polydamas Variable Cattleheart Parides erithalion Pink-cheked Cattleheart Parides aurimedes mylotes Male Transandean Cattleheart Parides iphidamas

Whites (Pieridae)

Florida White Appias drusilla Barred Yellow Eurema daira Cloudless Sulphur Phoebis sennae Tailed Sulphur Phoebis neocypris Salome Yellow Eurema salome Bold Mimic-White Enantia jethys Tiger Mimic-White Dismorphia amphione Cloud-forest Mimic-White Dismorphia crisia

Hairstreaks (Lycaenidae)

Tailless- Scrub-Hairstreak Strymon cestri Fine-lined Stripe-steak Arawacus sito Mexican Cycadian Eumaeus toxea Dusky-blue Groundstreak Calycopis isobeon Eastern Tailed-Blue Everes comyntas Burnt-chocolate Hairstreak Theclopsis mycon Zebra Cross-streak Panthiades bathildis Narrow-banded Hairstreak Iaspis castitas Spring Azure Celastrina ladon

Metalmarks (Riodinidae)

Red-bordered Pixie Melanis pixi Feathered Fiestamark Symmachia accusatrix Sharp-Tanmark Emesis fatimella Falcate Metalmark Emesis tenedia Square-spotted Yellowmark Baeotis zonata Falcate Metalmark Emesis tenedia White-rayed Metalmark Hades noctula Male Black-patched Bluemark Lasaia agesilas Purple-washed Eyemark Mesosemia lamachus

Brushfoots (Nymphalidae)

Ithomia sp. Simple Clearwing Pteronymia simplex Male Klug's Clearwing Dircenna klugii Male White-spotted Greta Greta annette Thick-tipped Greta Greta morgane oto Blue-spotted Satyr Drucina-championi White-dotted Crescent Castilia ofella Zebra Longwing Heliconius charitonius Confused Tigerwing Mechanitis lysimnia Disturbed Tigerwing Mechanitis polymnia Heliconoid Ticlear Melinaea lilis imitata Squared-tipped Crescent Eresia phillyra Tiger Leafwing Consul fabius Tiger Leafwing Consul fabius Tiger Mimic-Queen Lycorea cleobaea Julia Heliconian Dryas julia Juno Heliconian Dione juno Variable Prestonian Tithoria tarricina Virginia's Ticlear Hyposcada virginiana Small Beauty Colobura dirce Mexican Fritillary Euptoieta hegesia Many-banded Daggerwing Marpesia chiron Ruddy Daggerwing Marpesia petreus Male Orange-banded Daggerwing Marpesia corita Pavon Emperor Doxocopa pavon Guatemala Patch Chlosyne erodyle Crimson Patch Chlosyne janais Gaudy Patch Chlosyne gaudialis White Peacock Anartia jatrophae Banded Peacock Anartia fatima Common Banner Epiphile adrasta Cecropia Sister Adelpha phylaca Female Silver Empereor Doxocopa laure Male Silver Empereor Doxocopa laure Rayed Sister Adelpha lycorias melanthe Pointed Leafwing Anaea eurypyle Orion Cecropian Historis odius Malachite Siproeta stelenes Orange Banner Temenis laothoe Male Stoplight Catone Catonephele numilia Female Stoplight Catone Catonephele numilia Male Guatemalan Catone Catonephele mexicana Blomfild's Beauty Smyrna blomfildia Split-banded Owlet Opsiphanes cassina Common Morpho Morpho helenor Gray Cracker Hamadryas februa Guatemalan Cracker Hamadryas guatemalena Variable Cracker Hamadryas feronia Red Cracker Hamadryas amphinome Anna's Eighty-eight Diaethria anna (Turquoise-spotted) Navy Eighty-eight Diaethria astala astala (Turquoise-spotted) Navy Eighty-eight Diaethria astala astala Soldier Danaus erisimus Male Four-spotted Sailor Dynamine postverta Little Banner Nica flavilla Common Ur-Satyr Taygetis thamyra White Satyr Pareuptychia ocirrhoe Actinote sp. Black-bordered Tegosa Tegosa anieta

Skippers (Hesperiidae)

Guava Skipper Phocides polybius Golden-snouted Scallopwing Staphylus vulgata Variegated Skipper Gorgytion begga Black-veined Mylon Mylon maimon Dingy Mylon Mylon pelopidas Mauve Scallopwing Staphylus ascalaphus Tropical-checkered Skipper Pyrgus oileus Tropical-checkered Skipper Pyrgus oileus Death-mask Spurwing Antigonus nearchus Narrow-banded Skipper Autochton longipennis Sharp-banded Skipper Autochton zarex Dusted Spurwing Antigonus erosus Mexican Longtail Polyuthrix mexicanus Cobalt Longtail Urbanus viterboana Teleus Longtail Urbanus teleus Dorantes Longtail Urbanus dorantes Esmeralda Longtail Urbanus esmeraldus White-tailed Longtail Urbanus doryssus Brilliant Blue-Skipper Paches loxus Square Bentwing Helias cama White-haired Skipper Noctuana lactifera bipuncta Starred Skipper Arteurotia tractipennis Frosted Flasher Astraptes alardus Two-barred Flasher Astraptes fulgerator (complex) Two-barred Flasher Astraptes fulgerator (complex) Black-spotted Fantastic-Skipper Vettius onaca Milky Ruby-eye Flaccilla aecas

List of diurnal butterflies observed in Los Tarrales
(compiled by Josué de León Lux)

  1. Battus polydamas Polydamas Swallowtail
  2. Battus laodamus Yellow-spotted Swallowtail
  3. Battus ingenuus Confused Swallowtail
  4. Parides eurimedes mylotes Pink-cheeked Cattleheart
  5. Parides iphidamas Transandean Cattleheart
  6. Parides photinus Pink-spotted Cattleheart
  7. Parides erithalion Variable Cattleheart
  8. Mimoides phaon Red-sided Swallowtail
  9. Papilio ilus branchus Dual-spotted Swallowtail
  10. Papilio cresphontes Giant Swallowtail
  11. Papilio thoas Thoas Swallowtail
  12. Papilio astyalus Broad-banded Swallowtail
  13. Papilio androgeus Androgeus Swallowtail
  14. Papilio anchisiades Ruby-spotted Swallowtail
  15. Catasticta flisa Narrow-banded Dartwhite
  16. Archonias brassolis Cattleheart White
  17. Pieriballia viardi Painted White
  18. Ithaballia demophile Cross-barred White
  19. Ascia monuste Great-southern White
  20. Appias Drusilla Florida White
  21. Leptophobia aripa Common-greeneyed White
  22. Anteus maerula Yellow Angled Sulphur
  23. Phoebis sennae Cloudless Sulphur
  24. Phoebis argante Apricot Sulphur
  25. Phoebis neocypris Tailed Sulphur
  26. Phoebis philea Orange-barred Sulphur
  27. Phoebis (Aphrissa) statira Statira Sulphur
  28. Eurema nise Mimosa Yellow
  29. Eurema salome Salome Yellow
  30. Eurema daira Barred Yellow
  31. Eurema albula Ghost Yellow
  32. Eurema proterpia Tailed Orange
  33. Enantia jethys Bold-mimic White
  34. Dismorphia amphione Tiger-mimic White
  35. Dismorphia crisia Cloud-forest mimic White
  36. Dismorphia theucharila Clearwinged Mimic-White
  37. Eumaeus toxea Mexican Cycadian
  38. Evenus batesi Bates Greatstreak
  39. Rekoa meton Tiger-eye Hairstreak
  40. Pseudolycaena damo Sky-blue Greatstreak
  41. Rekoa palegon Gold-bordered Hairstreak
  42. Michaelus jebus Variegated Skipper
  43. Arawacus sito Fine-lined Stripe-streak
  44. Panthiades bathildis Zebra -cross Streak
  45. Laotus barajo Smoky Elstreak
  46. Parrhasius orgia Turquoise-M Hairstreak
  47. Tmolus echion Red-spotted Hairstreak
  48. Strymon megarus Confusing Scrub-Hairstreak
  49. Strymon ziba Red-spotted Scrub-Hairstreak
  50. Theclopsis mycon Burnt-chocolate Hairstreak
  51. Iaspis castitas Narrow-banded Hairstreak
  52. Lamprospilus collucia Patchy Groundstresk
  53. Calycopis drussilla Field´s Groundstreak
  54. Calycopis isobeon Dusky-blue Groundstreak
  55. Cyanophrys Herodotus Tropical Greenstreak
  56. Hemiargus ceraunus Ceraunus Blue
  57. Celastrina ladon Spring Azure
  58. Everes comyntas Eastern Tailed-blue
  59. Leucochimona vestalis White Eyemark
  60. Mesosemia lamachus Purple-washed Eyemark
  61. Eurybia elvina Blind Sheenmark
  62. Hades noctula White-rayed Metalmark
  63. Melanis pixe Red-bordered Pixie
  64. Rhetus arcius Sword-tailed Beautymark
  65. Baeotis zonata Square-spotted Yellowmark
  66. Symmachia accusatrix Feathered Fiestamark
  67. Calephelis sixola Greater Scintillant
  68. Synargis mycone Variable Lenmark
  69. Lasaia agesilas Black-patched Bluemark
  70. Lasaia maria Gray Bluemark
  71. Emesis tenedia Falcate Metalmark
  72. Emesis fatimella Sharp Tanmark
  73. Theope bacenis Curve-lined Theope
  74. Theope eupolis Guatemala Theope
  75. Altinote ozomene Lamplight Actinote
  76. Actinote anteas Doubleday´s Actinote
  77. Libytheana carinenta American Snout
  78. Euptoieta hegesia Mexican Fritillary
  79. Euiedes aliphera Least Heliconian
  80. Euiedes lineate White-dotted Heliconian
  81. Phyciodes tulcis Pale-banded Crescent
  82. Dione juno Juno Heliconian
  83. Dryas iulia Julia Heliconian
  84. Dryadula phaetusa Banded-orange Heliconian
  85. Heliconius charithonia Zebra Heliconian
  86. Dione moneta Mexican Silverspot
  87. Heliconius hortense Mexican Heliconian
  88. Heliconius erato Erato Heliconian
  89. Heliconius hecale Heart-spotted Heliconian
  90. Chlosyne janais Crimson Patch
  91. Chlosyne Rosita Rosita Patch
  92. Chlosyne lacinia Bordered Patch
  93. Chlosyne erodyle Guatemalan Patch
  94. Chlosyne-gaudialis gaudialis Gaudy Patch
  95. Chlosyne theona Theona Checkerspot
  96. Eresia phillyra Square-tipped Crescent
  97. Castilia myia Mayan Crescent
  98. Castilia griseobasalis Gray-based Crescent
  99. Castilia ofella White-dotted Crescent
  100. Tegosa anieta Black-bordered Tegosa
  101. Phyciodes atronia Brown Crescent
  102. Phyciodes tulcis Pale-banded Crescent
  103. Junonia genoveva Tropical Buckeye
  104. Anarthia jatrophane White Peacock
  105. Anarthia Fatima Banded Peacock
  106. Hypanartia lethe Orange Mapwing
  107. Hypanartia godmanii Splendid Mapwing
  108. Siproeta epaphus Rusty-tipped Page
  109. Siproeta stelenes Malachite
  110. Adelpha paraena massilia Bates´Sister
  111. Adelpha barnesia leucas Barner´s Sister
  112. Adelpha phylaca Cecropia Sister
  113. Adelpha boeotia oberthuerii Felder´s Sister
  114. Adelpha lycorias melanthe Rayed Sister
  115. Dynamine postverta Four-spotted Sailor
  116. Pyrrhogyra otolais White-edged Red-ring
  117. Pyrrhogyra edocla Complete Red-ring
  118. Callicore texa Yellow-rimmed Eighty-eight
  119. Callicore pitheas Two-eyed Eighty-eight
  120. Diaethria astala astala (Turquoise-spotted) Navy Eighty-eight
  121. Diaethrria anna Anna´s Eighty-eight
  122. Epiphile adrasta Common Banner
  123. Temenis laothoe Orange Banner
  124. Nica flavilla Little Banner
  125. Biblis hyperia Red Rim
  126. Mestra amymone Common Mestra
  127. Catonephele cortesi West-Mexican Catone
  128. Catonephele mexicana Guatemalan Catone
  129. Catonephele numilia Stoplight Catone
  130. Eunica mygdonia Blind Purplewing
  131. Eunica sydonia Plain Purplewing
  132. Eunica malvina Rayed Purplewing
  133. Eunica monima Dingy Purplewing
  134. Hamadryas amphinome Red Cracker
  135. Hamadryas fornax Orange-Cracker
  136. Hamadryas februa Gray Cracker
  137. Hamadryas feronia Variable Cracker
  138. Hamadryas guatemalena Guatemalan Cracker
  139. Smyrna blomfildia Blomfild´s Beauty
  140. Colobura dirce Small Beauty
  141. Marpesia corita Orange-banded Daggerwing
  142. Marpesia petreus Ruddy Daggerwing
  143. Marpesia chiron Many-banded Daggerwing
  144. Marpesia coresia Waiter Daggerwing
  145. Archaeoprepona amphimachus White-spotted Prepona
  146. Archaeoprepona demophon One-spotted Prepona
  147. Archaeoprepona demophoon gulina Two-spotted Prepona
  148. Archaeoprepona laertes Feathered Prepona
  149. Anaea eurypyle Pointed Leafwing
  150. Anaea glycerium Angled Leafwing
  151. Consul fabius Tiger Leafwing
  152. Consul electra Pearly Leafwing
  153. Anaea pithyusa Pale spotted Leafwing
  154. Anaea arginussa Mottle Leafwing
  155. Historis acheronta Tailed Orion
  156. Historis odius Orion Cecropian
  157. Doxocopa laure Silver Emperor
  158. Doxocopa pavon Pavon Emperor
  159. Morpho helenor Common (Blue) Morpho
  160. Caligo telamonius Yellow-fronted Owl-Butterfly
  161. Opsiphanes cassina Split-banded Owlet
  162. Manataria hercyna maculate White-spotted Saty
  163. Oxeoschistus tauropolis Starred Oxeo
  164. Oxeoschistus hilara Dot-banded Satyr
  165. Taygetis thamyra Common Ur-Satyr
  166. Pseudodibis zimri Variable Satyr
  167. Taygetis virgilia Cramer´s Satyr
  168. Cyllopsis hedemanni Tailed- Gemmed-Satyr
  169. Cyllopsis pallens Pallid-Gemmed Satyr
  170. Pareuptychia ocirrhoe White Satyr
  171. Cissia pseudoconfusa Gold-stained Satyr
  172. Cissia pompilia Plain Satyr
  173. Hermeuptychia sosybius Carolina Satyr
  174. Magneuptychia libye Blue-gray Satyr
  175. Drucina championi Blue-spotted Satyr
  176. Danaus plexippus Monarch
  177. Danaus gilippus Queen
  178. Danaus eresimus Soldier
  179. Lycorea cleobaea Tiger-mimic Queen
  180. Ithomia patilla Guatemalan Ithomia
  181. Greta annette annette White-spotted Greta
  182. Greta morgane oto Thick-tipped Greta
  183. Pteronymia simplex Simple Clearwing
  184. Tithoria harmonia Black-fronted Prestonian
  185. Tithoria tarricina Variable Prestonian
  186. Hyposcada virginiana Virginia´s Ticlear
  187. Dircenna klugii Klug´s Clearwing(Dircena)
  188. Heliconius ismenius Tiger Heliconius
  189. Mechanitis lysimnia Confused Tigerwing
  190. Mechanitis menapis Variable Tigerwing
  191. Melinaea lilis imitata Heliconoid Ticlear
  192. Mechanitis polymnia Disturbed Tigerwing
  193. Myscelus amytis hages Common Mytip
  194. Phocides Polybius Guava Skipper
  195. Phanus albiapicalis White-tipped Skipper
  196. Epargyreus aspina Spineless Silverdrop
  197. Nascus phocus Common Scarlet-eye
  198. Chioides zilpa Zilpa Longtailed
  199. Ocyba calathana Yellow-rimmed Scarlet-eye
  200. Astraptes phalaecus Pale-tipped Flasher
  201. Astraptes anaphus Yellow-tipped Flasher
  202. Astraptes alardus Frosted Flasher
  203. Astraptes megalurus Long-tailed Flesher
  204. Astraptes fulgerator Two-barred Flasher (Complex)
  205. Astraptes enotrus White-spotted Flasher
  206. Autochton neis Spiky Banded Skipper
  207. Autochton zarex Sharp-banded Skipper
  208. Autochton longipennis Narrow-Banded Skipper
  209. Typhedanus undulates Mottled Longtail
  210. Polythrix asine Dark-spotted Polythrix
  211. Polythrix mexicanus Mexican Longtail
  212. Polythrix octomaculata Eight-spotted Longtail
  213. Urbanus procne Brown Longtail
  214. Urbanus simplicius Plain Longtail
  215. Urbanus teleus Teleus Longtailed
  216. Urbanus dorantes Dorantes Longtail
  217. Urbanus doryssus White-tailed Longtail
  218. Urbanus esmeraldus Esmeralda Longtail
  219. Urbanus viterboana Cobalt Longtail
  220. Urbanus pronto Interrupted Longtail
  221. Cogia calchas Mimosa Skipper
  222. Spathilepia clonius Falcate Skipper
  223. Telemiades amphion fides Costa-spotted Leafhugger
  224. Nisoniades godma Guatemalan Pellicia
  225. Nisoniades ephora Small-sppotted Pellicia
  226. Nisoniades rubescens Purplish-black Skipper
  227. Arteurotia tracipennis Starred Skipper
  228. Bolla cupreiceps Golden-headed Bolla
  229. Staphylus mazans Mazans Scallopwing
  230. Staphylus ascalaphus Mauve Scallopwing
  231. Staphylus vulgate Golden-snouted Scallopwing
  232. Mylon maimon Black-veined Mylon
  233. Mylon Pelopidas Dingy Mylon
  234. Quadrus cerialis Common Blue-skipper
  235. Quadrus lugubris Lugubrious Blue-Skipper
  236. Paches polla Shining Blue-Skipper
  237. Paches loxus Brilliant Blue-Skipper
  238. Antigonus erosus Dusted Spurwing
  239. Sostrata bifasciata Blue-studded Skipper
  240. Ouleus fridericus salvina Geyer´s Zera
  241. Polyctor cleat White Enops
  242. Antigonus erosus Dusted Spurwing
  243. Antigonus corrosus Royal Spurwing
  244. Antigonus nearchus Death-mask Spurwing
  245. Ebrietas Anacreon Common Bentwing
  246. Ebrietas evanidus Blurred Bentwing
  247. Gorgythion begga Variegated Skipper
  248. Helias cama Square Bentwing
  249. Theagenes aegides Cloud-patched Skipper
  250. Noctuanalactifera bipuncta White-haired Skipper
  251. Anastrus sempiternus Common Bluevent
  252. Pyrgus oileus Tropical-checkered Skipper
  253. Helioptes arsalte Viened White-Skipper
  254. Heliopetes Alana Alana White-Skipper
  255. Anthoptus Epictetus Trailside Underskipper
  256. Vinius tryhana Gold-washed Skipper
  257. Synaptes salenus salenus Salenus Skipper
  258. Callimormus juventus Comma Brown-Skipper
  259. Callimormus radiola Radiant Brown Skipper
  260. Vehilius stictomenes Pasture Brown Skipper
  261. Remella rita Rita´s Remalla
  262. Remella vopiscus Triangle Remella
  263. Papias subcostulata Jungle Skipper
  264. Tromba xanthura Yellow-washed Skipper
  265. Vettius onaca Black-spotted Fantastic-Skipper
  266. Carystus senex Blue-gray Ruby-eye
  267. Perichares philetes Green-backed Ruby-eye
  268. Flaccilla aecas Milky Ruby-eye
  269. Orthos lycortas Blotchy Skipper
  270. Quasimellana mexicana Large Mellana
  271. Amblyscirtes fimbriata Orange-edged Roadside-Skipper
  272. Panoquina sylvicola Purple-washed Skipper
  273. Panoquina evadnes Nubby-banded Panoquin
  274. Tirynthia conflua Confluent Skipper
  275. Oxynthes corusca Coruscating Skipper
  276. Zenis minos Dyar´s Skipper
  277. Saliana triangularis Kaye´s Saliana
  278. Niconiades merenda Four-spotted Skipper
  279. Niconiades nikko Olive Nicon

Los Tarrales Butterfly Tours are led by our specialized guides and last 2-3 hours. Tours can be led in English and Spanish.

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